How Gold Influenced the Development of the US? |

In the nineteenth century, the discovery of gold of commercial quantity took place in certain areas. Workers from almost all over the west rushed towards the areas of gold discovery. This period was known as gold-rush. It took place in many countries of the world like Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and United states. Gold rush caused the individuals to become wealthy instantly. As gold is one of the most precious metals on the earth. Those who got gold during gold rush period became abundantly rich this way.When we talk about gold rush in the United States, it was mainly centred at the California state. California is the third largest state of the United States. In California, gold rush took place in 1848. Thousands of men and women migrated through sea and land to get benefit from the treasures. They used simple techniques like panning to retrieve gold from the streams and gold beds. Later on, with the advancement in technology, they devised latest procedures for retrieving gold.Gold discovery changed the whole picture of the region. California, which was a small unknown town, got the status of a free state in 1850. It transformed into the economic centre. The golden period revolutionized every department. The population of California grew to 2, 65000. Thus, it became the focal point of the whole United States.In United States, the first business that flourished was obviously business of gold. The merchants made maximum amount of money. They extracted gold, exported it to the rest of the world and earned substantial amount of money that they used in their upcoming and present projects. They channelized their income to flourish their economy. Initially, gold was used to buy food and accommodation for the miners.Advanced sources of transportation were introduced. They built steamships and railroads. The rail roads linked California to the rest of the country through transcontinental rail lines. They invested a lot in the field of agriculture. They made complete use of their land to grow economically important plants. They introduced latest instruments of the time to enhance the yield.The discovery of gold in California also brought industrial revolution in United States. They flourished in aerospace and petroleum industry. According to a survey, it has given above forty two thousand aerospace companies to the state, which made it one of the largest aerospace centres of the west. Many people joined this sector to offer their services.Similarly, United States grew in the sector of information technology. The progress in this sector led to the formation of Silicon Valley. It is referred to as the area of silicon chip innovators and High tech product manufacturers. Utilising all their resources, they made the provision of advanced education possible for everybody.So, gold bars rush was the boom period in the United States. Farmers, oil drillers, merchants, miners and entrepreneurs had their culmination times in this period. It broadened the horizon for them, and they started looking for new ways. It made them see the dreams for a better and prosperous future.