Can Organic Degreasers Do a Good Enough Or Better Job Than Chemical Degreasers? |

Through recent decades efforts to decrease the output of dangerous toxins into the atmosphere have made a dramatic improvement. At the same time consideration is also being given to contaminants ending up in the ground water and soil which ultimately affects both animal and plant life.There are significant advantages for industries to make the transition to the more eco friendly bio degreasers. Probably the most important consideration is the overall safety in using bio based solvents not only to the environment but also to the workers using them. Non organic cleaners and degreasers are typically composed of hazardous chemicals or are petroleum based solvents which are highly combustible.A significant advantage of organic degreasers is that they are designed to remove insoluble substances. Environmentally friendly substances do not contain ozone depleting chemicals. They are less harmful to humans as well as being non corrosive. In addition high performance characteristics can be achieved due to the lack of residue after cleaning.The current trend is for companies to utilize more eco friendly degreasers and cleaners. An industry leading in the use of degreasers and solvents is in aerospace. When you consider the level of cleanliness required, there are many mechanical parts, as well as electrical parts within the aerospace products which would benefit from not being exposed to such corrosive chemicals.On the surface level it would appear that the use of conventional commercial degreasers and solvents would be considerably less expensive than the environmentally friendly counterpart. The components are not that involved or engineered and don’t fall under the same regulations as bio based solvents. However, to balance out the equation, the disposal of organic cleaning substances is less involved and easier to handle and dispose.As for the effectiveness of organic degreasers vs. the conventional hazardous, may still be in the earlier stages of development and effectiveness. The processes involved in utilizing organic solvents may be specialized in their usage and applications which could greater add to the cost effectiveness. Whereas a chemical solvent’s uses may be more versatile in being able to accomplish multiple cleaning jobs with one solvent. The other side of the equation is the consideration in using biodegradable degreasers is that safe storage and temperature control are not significant factors. Not to mention no longer requiring the level of safety equipment in the application of the bio based substances or the issues involved with the disposal of waste from the chemicals.Considering the ongoing trend is to continue going green more development of even more effective green cleaners will follow. As the popularity, usage, and demands grow not only will improved organic products be developed and available, but also the pricing and overall usage should become more cost effective. Products currently exist that have been specially developed to breakthrough greasy grime and with time will only become even more effective. Who knows, the lubricants causing the grime are being developed as well to be eco friendly and better for the environment as they break down from cleaning. Regardless, going green and using biodegradable products creates a win-win situation for all involved.