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Approval of Organisations to Carry Out Maintenance Checks and to Recommend Renewal of Certificates of Airworthiness on Aircraft not exceeding 2730 kg MTWA are required to have an annual check, which in the case of Transport and Aerial Work Category aircraft must be carried out by an organisation approved for the purpose by the CAA. In addition, at every third annual check, all private aircraft, excluding those in the Special Category, are required to undergo a Star Inspection at an organisation approved to M3 and EASA part M aircraft maintenance, before making a recommendation to the CAA for CofA renewals.The term Star Inspection is given to the overall assessment of an aircraft, its engines, propellers and records, every third year, by appropriately licensed engineers. The depth of inspection is determined from the recorded maintenance history and the use of the aircraft since last CofA renewal (or since CofA issue).The Role of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance EngineersRecommendations to the CAA for renewal of Certificates of Airworthiness can only be made by a nominated licensed aircraft maintenance engineer employed by an M3 organisation and accepted by CAA.Nominated licensed engineers must hold a UK Licence with Type Ratings in at least Categories A and C with experience acceptable to the CAA.Aviation jobsAircraft maintenance manager jobs to staff part 145 maintenance facilities are the territory of specialist aviation manpower services companies. Aerospace jobs cover more than just aircraft jobs and certification services. There are all the disciplines (design, electrical, mechanical and production) for all aspects of flight, for example, avionics jobs, aircraft interiors engineers and so on.

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The 5 axis CNC machine offers more intricate and precise cutting abilities. This machine does not operate around the normal 3 axes of movement: X, Y and Z. Instead it works around 5 different axes of movement which makes it harder for the programming; however, the type of work that can be performed is limitless with the 5 axis CNC machine.There are several different companies that offer a 5 axis CNC machine. When trying to decide on whether to purchase a 5 axis CNC machine or not, it may be best to consult with a salesman from any of the companies. Comparison shopping would work best here. What specifically would you like to achieve from your machine? What are you looking for? What software programs work best for this type of machine? How much space will this machine take up? Can adjustments be made easily? These are all legitimate questions that you must first ask yourself before purchasing a machine of this caliber.This type of machining is most typically used in the Aerospace Industry. It enables them to craft airframe components that have draft surfaces, impellers and turbine engine components. Now, different industries are taking advantage of this technology.Justifying the cost of a machine of this caliber is very important. 5 axis CNC machines are not cheap. If you currently have a 3D CNC machine and are considering a 5 axis for your business, you must ask yourself why. Why do you need a 5 axis? Can you use your current 3D CNC machine to achieve what you are wanting? It could be that you need a different program or just make some simple adjustments.New 5 axis CNC machines can allow one to cut just about anything that they want. Cutting simultaneously on both sides, offers more efficiency in the workplace. CNC machines can pretty much operate on their own just by programming the software to do what is needed. Man power can be used to oversee a group of machines. With the PRS (personal robotics system) that is offered on these machines, manual operation is no longer needed.Cutting, machining or creating a particular part that is complex and incorporates different angles and tough geometrics, is difficult. 5 axis CNC machines offer a solution to this. That’s why the Aerospace Industry has been using this technology for some time now. Usually the first to take advantage of technology, the Aerospace Industry requires dependable, reliable and efficient tools and technology that will allow them to be one step ahead of the rest. 5 axis CNC machines allow them to do this and this is not new technology for them.If you have any questions about 5 axis CNC machining there are several blogs and forums that are located across the internet that you can become a part of and stay up to date with the latest from this industry. Ask any question and you will be able to receive a response that is to your liking. Machinists from all over will over you their expertise and knowledge.